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Netflix and Phish as another scam makes the rounds

Phishing scams are nothing new, with Netflix users having experienced plenty of attacks since the boom of the platform’s push into the digital market. It seems there is another one making the rounds, this time affecting both business and personal accounts. The attack comes in the form of an official …

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‘Fappening’ hacker given 18 month jail sentence


The 36 year old man from Lancaster, Pennsylvania convicted of hacking, phishing and sneaking his way into the accounts of many of the world's most prominent female celebrities in order to view their private photos, has been sentenced. For his part in “The Fappening,” he was given 18 months in U.S. federal …

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Don’t get phished because they know your home address

Phishing emails are still one of the most effective methods of capturing people's personal details without them realising it. It was how the Fappening came about and countless leaks and hacks have been possible purely because people were tricked. So make sure you're extra vigilant in the future, as a …

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Close to 2000 Vodafone customer accounts illegally accessed

Straight on the back of the high-profile TalkTalk hack, it seems that Vodafone customers have also suffered an unwarranted intrusion, with around 2000 customer accounts illegally accessed. The attack took place over the weekend, though it was not a database breach, so this isn't a widespread issue that all customers …

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Valve to stop giving scam victims their items back

It looks like Valve is changing its policy on item recovery for trade scam victims. Ever since trading was implemented on Steam, phishing and scams have become a bit of a problem but up until now if you let Valve know, they would reverse the transaction, keeping your potentially valuable …

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Facebook targets scammers, settles FTC privacy dispute

Facebook Phishing

Facebook has finally settled its argument with regulatory body, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), over what was described as, “unfair and deceptive” changes to its privacy policy in 2009. While it was initially thought that the social network might be fined for its actions – in a similar fashion …

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