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Valve to stop giving scam victims their items back

It looks like Valve is changing its policy on item recovery for trade scam victims. Ever since trading was implemented on Steam, phishing and scams have become a bit of a problem but up until now if you let Valve know, they would reverse the transaction, keeping your potentially valuable items safe.

However, Valve just updated its Scamming FAQ, detailing the new policy: “Our community assigns an item a value that is at least partially determined by that item’s scarcity. If more copies of the item are added to the economy through inventory rollbacks, the value of every other instance of that item would be reduced.”


“We sympathize with people who fall victim to scams, but we provide enough information on our website and within our trading system to help users make good trading decisions. All trade scams can be avoided.”

Now it is worth noting that most Steam scams are easy enough to spot and you probably shouldn’t click any links to unknown sites sent to you by strangers, regardless of what platform you are using as that is just asking for trouble. Anyway, if you accidentally fall for a scam now, it looks like Valve is leaving you on your own.

Heck if you really need it, there are even guides to avoiding common scams on Steam, like this one, HERE, which the above image is taken from.

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KitGuru Says: Trade scams can be easy to avoid by not clicking dodgy links or just not accepting friend requests from strangers. Valve appears to be taking a tough love approach to the situation now so Steam market users are going to have to be more careful going forward. 

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