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New Android SMS malware surfaces

A new virus has begun doing the rounds on Android smartphones here in Europe. It is called the Mazar virus and it spreads to devices via text messages but once installed, it can forward all of your web traffic through a proxy and allow attackers to get a hold of …

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Keylogger discovered in two GTA V mods

It looks like two mods for Grand Theft Auto V have malware rooted in them. If you have been using either the ‘No Clip' or the ‘Angry Planes' modifications, then you may want to remove them and run a virus scan as both were found to have keyloggers within them. The …

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Faux BBC and CNN news emails contain malware


If you've been getting lookalike news emails from CNN or the BBC in the past few days, you could have been hit by a malware attack and it may well be worth doing a few safe mode scans with popular anti-malware software, if an AVG report on the Blackhole exploit …

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Apple OS attacked by Trojan Malware

One of the man reasons Apple users feel superior when they boot the Mac, is the supposed lack of viruses. There’s no doubt that locking hardware to software with the Unix operating system has security advantages, but is it invulnerable?  New reports suggest not. KitGuru dresses like Colombo to investigate. The idea …

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Koobface worm ‘Boonana’ targets Macintosh users

A new hybrid of the Koobface worm that targets Mac OS X, Windows and Linux users is spreading through Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Antivirus firms have reported the new malware, dubbed ‘Boonana' when Intego and SecureMac warned Mac OS X users that the worm is aimed firmly at them. Boonana …

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Ban sick PC’s from internet say Microsoft

A senior researcher at Microsoft says that virus infected computers that pose a threat to other PC's should be blocked from accessing the internet. Scott Charney of the trustworthy computing team said that this concept follows ideas learned from public health situations. Putting infected computers into a temporary quarantine would …

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