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A virus ridden GTA V torrent is doing the rounds

For PC gamers Grand Theft Auto V is a sensitive subject. Rockstar has left us in the dark when it comes to a PC version and all we've had to give us hope are a few retail leaks and a bit of source code. At this point it seems some gamers are ready to grasp at straws despite knowing that there is no GTA V for the PC; this has led to a rise in fake torrents filled with viruses.

Many gamers have gone ahead and downloaded a seemingly legitimate torrent only to be greeted with 18GB of malware. The torrent currently has around 7000 active downloaders and can be found on the first page of Google. Attempting to install the game greets you with a bunch of surveys that promise to unlock the file upon completing, unfortunately by this stage your PC is already infected.

There is more than one dangerous torrent out there so be careful. Rockstar hasn't even announced a PC version of the game, so there is no chance of it being available to download yet. Likewise no supreme hacking team has come forward with an emulated version, so don't fall for it.


KitGuru Says: If you're going to download torrents then be smart about it, downloading something that is clearly too good to be true won't work out well for your machine.

[Cheers CNET]

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  1. Good riddance. If you can run GTA V but won’t pay for it then you have some messed up priorities.