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Apple shows off new iPad Air

Fanboys rejoice, Apple has just launched two new versions of its iPad tablet: the iPad Air, which comes with a trimmer waistline and a new processor and an updated version of the iPad mini that packs an improved retina display.

The Air cuts its thickness down by around 20 per cent according to the BBC, making what Apple claims is the lightest, full size tablet in the world, weighing in at just one pound, or around 450 grams, which represents a drop of nearly half a pound over the previous generation. Powering this new device is Apple's A7 processor, the same one found in the iPhone 5s. It's technically an APU, featuring both an onboard 1.3GHz, 64bit, dual core CPU with 1MB of shared level 2 cache and an unconfirmed PowerVR G6430 graphics processor.

Price wise, storage is the biggest contributing factor, with 16GB versions going for as little as $499, to 128GB models running closer to $930.

There's also options on finish and connectivity that affect the overall price

The iPad Mini was also updated, with a better screen adding an extra few hundred pixels to its resolution. It's also thinner and lighter as you might expect, but its price is likely to stay the same. These upgrades are designed to combat new, small form factor tablets that are coming down the pipeline from both Google and Amazon.

As other parts of the big Apple announcement, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops are also being updated with thinner and lighter builds and a new free upgrade of OS X, known as Maverick is set for release.

KitGuru Says: Apple is sticking to its guns here, creating high-end, style focused, premium products instead of trying to compete with the real low cost tablet market which is evolving. What do you guys think of this strategy? Is it going to keep the Cupertino company competitive in the Christmas period? 

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  1. Apple did NOT state the frequency of the processor is 1.3Ghz!. We have to take a look at the device to measure the frequency using a benchmark program to determine the exact clock it is running at. I figured it would be clocked at 1.6Ghz just because the big iPad needs that speed in order to offer a very smooth experience.
    The 64bit is a welcomed addition since it will allow more compelling games and larger spreadsheets in the future.The incremental price of the NAND Flash is still very expensive since the early days of product release. Considering that NAND flash half their prices twice in the duration. It is price FIXING of Nand in the product!. This cannot be legal in many countries …..

  2. “with a better screen adding an extra few hundred pixels to its resolution”. What ?. It was pushing less than a megapixel before and now pushes 3.1 megapixels on retina!. That is FOUR times the pixel count!. It is huge for such a small screen. People who complained about the price should buy the original mini and stay away from the retina. This device is now great for photographers to preview their pictures clearly in the field. With its 64bit processor, it will so have many Aperture features for professional editing while on the go without a keyboard!. Take that Surface PRO 2!.