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Google’s anti-malware initiative is an utter failure

Google is having a rough time lately, but it’s not all directed at its misguided Pixel 2 release. It seems that the company’s ‘Play Protect’ anti-malware background software has scored the lowest of low when put to the test. Play Protect released alongside Android Oreo, attempting to quash fears of …

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Camera driven mass DDOS attack used rented botnets


The last month has seen DDOS attacks on various sources on a magnitude no one has ever seen before: in some cases more than a terabit per second of data. This was more than anyone thought possible, but it was all because whoever was responsible, rented some of the most …

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Avast AVG sale finalised, 97 per cent of shares acquired


Following the announcement in July that anti-virus firm, Avast, was buying up industry rival AVG, months of back and forth negotiations, trade agreements and share talks have taken place, but finally the money is being paid and the stocks transferred. In the early hours of this morning, 97 per cent …

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Don’t get phished because they know your home address

Phishing emails are still one of the most effective methods of capturing people's personal details without them realising it. It was how the Fappening came about and countless leaks and hacks have been possible purely because people were tricked. So make sure you're extra vigilant in the future, as a …

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LA hospital pays Bitcoin ransom to hackers

Recently, a hospital in LA was hacked, with the attackers locking up work systems and likely getting away with private information regarding patients. Now in an effort to try and protect their privacy, the hospital has given in to a $17,000 Bitcoin demand in hopes that the attackers won't do anything …

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Time Warner Cable admits 320,000 accounts may be leaked

The second largest TV and broadband provider in the U.S., Time Warner Cable, has released a statement saying that around a third of a million of its customers may have had their email and passwords copied away by hackers. At this early stage in the investigation however, it was keen …

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Nexus Mods suffers security breach, password changes advised

Yet another site has suffered a security breach, putting user information at risk. This time, the popular modding site, Nexus Mods, has been affected, with the site admins now advising users to change their passwords. Several popular mods were altered during the breach, with a new a new file called …

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Another exploit found in latest version of Flash

Although clearly not the case, it sometimes feels like hackers hate Adobe Flash. Despite the fact that it represents a simple path to exploit user's systems, every time it gets found to be insecure, it dies a little more. That slip into obscurity looks likely to continue, as yet another …

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iOS App Store suffers first major attack

Apple is cleaning up the iOS App Store, following its first major malware attack. The attack embedded a program called XcodeGhost in to legitimate apps on the store, once several cyber security firms caught on, Apple let it be known that the company is working on clearing it all up …

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Dodgy Android app takes selfies and demands $500 ransom

There is some new ransomware on the block for Android users. It turns out that there is currently a dodgy app called ‘Adult Player' floating around. It's an app that lures users in by offering porn but once opened, it takes a picture using the phone's front facing camera, locks …

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Former employees say Kaspersky faked malware to damage rivals

Kaspersky anti-virus is being accused by several former employees of attempting to have competitor anti-virus software flag up false-positives that would discredit the programs and potentially even damage the systems of users. According to those same sources, which have remained anonymous for obvious reasons, this was to improve Kaspersky's standing, …

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Breaking Bad themed ransomware is making the rounds

Some hackers have gone ahead and cooked up Breaking Bad themed ransomware, which is currently affected a few people over in Australia. The new malware, which encrypts a PC's images, videos and documents, was recently discovered by Symantec. The ransomware is named Trojan.Cryptolocker.S. Once a user is affected, their files …

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