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Dodgy Android app takes selfies and demands $500 ransom

There is some new ransomware on the block for Android users. It turns out that there is currently a dodgy app called ‘Adult Player’ floating around. It’s an app that lures users in by offering porn but once opened, it takes a picture using the phone’s front facing camera, locks the device up and demands a $500 ransom.

The issue was bought to attention thanks to security firm, Zscaler, which found the malware on a research hunt. The company revealed all in its own blog post, which explains the app and what it does.

Image Source: Zscaler

The app is obviously not on the Google Play Store so you likely won’t just stumble on it. Honestly, downloading a .apk installer from a dodgy porn site is probably a bad idea under any circumstance. In order to initiate the ransomware, the app needs to be installed and opened up, after which you could find yourself in a bit of trouble.

If someone does happen to come in to this problem, it is obviously best to wise up and not pay the criminals. In order to remove the malware, a user would need to boot their device in to safe mode, then you can go in to your device settings, remove the app from the admin privileges list and finally uninstall it.

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KitGuru Says: Downloading apps from unofficial sources can be a dangerous move. However, the best thing to do in these situations is to raise awareness.

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