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Epic Games ‘hack’ was a scam attempt

Last week, a group of cyber criminals claimed the theft of Epic Games' data, including source code and sensitive account information. The group was after $15,000 for the data, but Epic Games was quick to state at the time that they had found ‘no evidence' of a security breach. Now, …

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There is a Nintendo Switch beta scam floating around


The Nintendo Switch announcement has been exciting for many but unfortunately, there are those out there looking to take advantage of that. This week it emerged that a Nintendo Switch beta scam is doing the rounds, using fairly unsuspicious looking sites and a fake sign-up form to lure in Nintendo …

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Pirates beware! KAT scammers are inbound


Popular websites are like the mythical hydra: cut off their head and two more appear in their place. When it comes to torrent sites though, they're like some kind of super hydra, as when they disappear, tens crawl out of the woodwork to replace them. In the case of Kickass Torrents, …

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Bing no longer allows tech-support adverts

Following on from Google's announcement that it would no longer accept adverts for payday loan companies, Microsoft's Bing is now no longer allowing ads for technical support. Following a spate of scammers and tricksters, Bing is doing its part to curb fraudulent tech-support firms. You've probably had a phone call …

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Fake Minecraft 2 taken down from App Store

Earlier on in the week, people became largely aware of a fake Minecraft sequel doing the rounds on iOS. This app claimed to be Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 and actually managed to hit the top ten on the App Store's top-selling chart. However, after awareness of this scam app was …

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Close to 2000 Vodafone customer accounts illegally accessed

Straight on the back of the high-profile TalkTalk hack, it seems that Vodafone customers have also suffered an unwarranted intrusion, with around 2000 customer accounts illegally accessed. The attack took place over the weekend, though it was not a database breach, so this isn't a widespread issue that all customers …

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The FTC is cracking down on Kickstarter scams

While crowd funding has done a fair amount of good for projects looking to get off the ground in recent years, we have also seen backers burned on several occasions by trusting scammers. In the past, we've seen several Kickstarter creators go back on promises and rip backers off all …

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Google dumps EZTV following scammer takeover

EZTV is one of the most iconic names in the torrent scene and has been so for the best part of a decade. However in recent months, following some issues with its site and services, the team finally shut down and has halted all ripping and distributing actions going forward. …

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Walmart changes price-match policy following $50 PS4 scam

Walmart has officially changed its price matching policy in an effort to stop shoppers from being able to abuse the system and end up purchasing Playstation 4 consoles for as low as $50. Several Amazon users were able to set up fake selling accounts recently in order to list consoles for …

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UK Politician wants in-game thieves to be prosecuted

Conservative MP, Mike Weatherley, has called for in-game thieves to be prosecuted like real criminals. The UK politician is a World of Warcraft player himself and understands that in-game items can be traded for substantial amounts of real world cash. As a result, he has called upon parliament to consider …

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Areal Kickstarter suspended, new campaign launched

The Kickstarter for West Games' Areal is a project that's seemed a bit fishy from the start. It featured grandiose claims of a true STALKER sequel, despite a miniscule budget/threshold, faked assets and Unity stock models in demos, strangely frequent comments that drown out complainers and even the claim that …

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