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Google dumps EZTV following scammer takeover

EZTV is one of the most iconic names in the torrent scene and has been so for the best part of a decade. However in recent months, following some issues with its site and services, the team finally shut down and has halted all ripping and distributing actions going forward. However in the wake of the closure, someone has taken on the domain and attempted to scam people and make money from adverts using the group's old name. While no piracy supporter, Google was having none of that.

“We have a great news for you. [eztv] has started releasing torrents again. No more nested/unneeded files/folders you have complained about. The same quality like before,” the EZTV website recently read (via TorrentFreak), announcing its triumphant, but faux return to the many visitors it still received. Following this release, several major torrent sites have warned users against downloading anything purporting to be from EZTV, since the group is officially no longer active.


Now though, Google has taken steps to help prevent users from falling afoul of the rogue domain name and its shadowy operator, by stripping it from search results. While the EZTV domain name has changed top level domain several times to avoid media lobby imposed takedowns and blacklisting, it's often bounced back. All variants though now appear to have been removed from Google's search results.

It's not clear whether this will have much of an affect on the traffic reaching the site, since most torrent users likely don't find their latest downloads from Google, but it does at least mean the uninitiated are unlikely to find themselves caught out by the scammer impersonating the old EZTV team.

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KitGuru Says: Of course we don't condone any illegal downloading here at KitGuru, but if you are going to do it, be safe and avoid scammers. 

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