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TorrentHound becomes third big site to shutdown in 2016


2016 has not been a good year for torrent sites. On top of losing mainstream sharing traction to streaming sites and services, three of the top 10 torrent sites in the world have shut down. Following along with KickassTorrens and Torrentz, TorrentHound has now announced a sudden end to its …

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Mirrors appear for downed KickassTorrents


The online torrent world was shocked this week when it was announced that the alleged founder of the biggest P2P site in the world, KickassTorrents, had been found and arrested and the site shut down. Much like when IsoHunt disappeared though, mirrors have already begun to spring up in its …

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Sky is sending out new piracy threat letters

Customers of Sky broadband in the UK are finding themselves the target of piracy threat letters once again, following a court case last year which saw the ISP forced to hand over information on those that may have illegally downloaded the film The Company You Keep, starring Robert Redford and …

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Google dumps EZTV following scammer takeover

EZTV is one of the most iconic names in the torrent scene and has been so for the best part of a decade. However in recent months, following some issues with its site and services, the team finally shut down and has halted all ripping and distributing actions going forward. …

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Hola speaks out on recent botnet accusations

Last week, it was revealed that one of the most popular VPN extensions for Google Chrome, Hola, had been caught out selling its user's bandwidth via a separate company in order to allow attackers to send DDOS attacks to other sites or services. At the time, it was 8Chan that …

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KickassTorrents migrates to Isle of Man domain

Update: And it's gone. That was fast. Back to the original for now then. While the Pirate Bay might be the most iconic torrent search site online, over the past few years due to lack of updates to its system and repeated down time, it's been eclipsed by competitors in …

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Pirate Bay still popping up, added Phoenix

Visiting the Pirate Bay in the last few years has felt like stepping back in time. Its design never really changed, apart from a few new homepage links and the creation of the promo-bay. And yet in the last couple of months change is all we've seen from TPB. After it …

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Canada makes it illegal to file erroneous copyright claims

After a recent law was passed in Canada that forced ISPs to send copyright infringement notices to their customers, copyright lobby groups have been jumping on the bandwagon and also firing off notices of their own. However, some have been using it as an opportunity to try and extort money …

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Spotify to ditch P2P sharing

Spotify is ending its usage of peer to peer networking technology, after many years of successful usage. Why? It's not clear, but the extremely popular music streaming service is gradually phasing out its P2P roots and transferring everything over to central servers. It seems like a strange move for the …

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YIFY founder retiring, but uploads to continue

The founder of YIFY Torrents, one of the most beloved movie rippers and uploaders in the torrent scene, has announced his impending retirement. However, he's urged fans not to be too upset, as YIFY will continue as always, with a new person at the helm and a few small changes. …

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Gene Simmons still wants all music pirates imprisoned

Gene Simmons has once again decided to showcase his prehistoric ways of thinking with regards to music piracy, suggesting that it's killing the music industry (just like he proclaimed back in 2008) and that ultimately anyone involved in it should go to jail. He even goes so far as to …

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The Pirate Bay founders are building a P2P internet

The Pirate Bay has been shaking up the internet for over a decade at this point, first by helping popularise torrents, then by its founders continually fighting charges that they're responsible for what their user base does and most recently for releasing the Pirate Browser, which helped people circumvent the …

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Military forces set to use new peer to peer tech in the field

The military could be the latest organisation to adopt peer to peer networking as a viable technology, in order to share information with different units in the battlefield without the need for a central server, thereby cutting back on much of the technological overhead often found with such military tech. …

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UK High Court rules ISPs must block more torrent sites


While we've known this was likely to happen for some time, it's only today that the High Court has officially made its ruling: torrent search sites Fenopy, Kickass Torrents and H33T, must be blocked by all major ISPs thanks to pressure from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The BPI has …

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Does BitTorrent equal piracy?

BitTorrent No

This is the question being asked today by Bit Torrent inc. in a new initiative to help detractors of the file sharing medium understand the true benefits, beyond those that use it to get free copies of the latest and greatest movies. With a new site called, doesbittorrentequalpiracy.com – try …

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The Pirate Bay takes to the cloud, ditches servers

Pirate Bay Cloud

The Pirate Bay has announced the next step in its fight against authority take downs, by ditching its servers in favour of, “ascending into the next stage, the cloud.” “So, first we ditched the trackers. Then we got rid of the torrents,” begins the post on the website's blog. “Now? Now …

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IFPI was behind Demonoid takedown


The IFPI, which claims to represent the music industry “world wide,” has also claimed responsibility for the Demonoid takedown. While of course it didn't raid the Demonoid offices itself, it was the complaints to Interpol that eventually led to the action. If you're not up to speed on the situation, …

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Torrent trackers to come back online

Open Bit Torrent

Two of the world's biggest torrent trackers, OpenBitTorrent (OBT) and Public BitTorrent (PBT), have announced their plans to return to operation, concluding the protest against uTorrent parent company BitTorrent Inc. A couple of weeks ago, we reported on how both trackers voluntarily ceased operation in an attempt to force the …

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100,000 US PSP users sued in last year

Collated publically available information on US cases against P2P filesharers shows that 100,000 US peer to peer users have been sued in the last year. The findings also highlight that the adult entertainment business is high on the prosecution list. Out of the 99,924 people sued, the vast majority are …

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