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100,000 US PSP users sued in last year

Collated publically available information on US cases against P2P filesharers shows that 100,000 US peer to peer users have been sued in the last year.

The findings also highlight that the adult entertainment business is high on the prosecution list. Out of the 99,924 people sued, the vast majority are said to have used Bittorent to disseminate copyright material. Each case contains many defendants and 68 cases that are still active list over 70,000 defendants. The highest spikes appear to have been in the last three months of 2010.

US adult entertainment industry: suing when it can

Film Studios and lawyers seem to be targeting filesharers to make a lot of extra money, however it doesn’t always go according to plan for the authorities. ACS:Law is one such case. The UK law f irm found themselves under denial of service attacks from vigilante group Anonymous. After one of the attacks, Andrew Crossley, principle of the company found that his personal email archive was mistakenly made available for downloading, leading to a huge public embarassment. He decided to close his business and abandoned all the lawsuits against filesharers saying that he had received bomb threats and ‘criminal attacks’.

The US adult entertainment industry however seems to be storming ahead at full throttle, suing everyone they can find who have illegally taken their copyright material.

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