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Global Foundries ready to step up production for AMD

Following yesterday’s announcement from Intel that there is a problem with the chipset necessary to support the 2nd generation Core processors, codenamed Sandy Bridge, a lot of eyes have turned to AMD. KitGuru’s been asking the important questions.

Yesterday, we were all struggling to remember the last time that Intel had any kind of problem, with any of its parts, that might actually slow the giant down.

Over the past 5 years, we couldn’t think of any. Essentially, since the launch of Conroe and the Tick-Tock/Copy-Exactly strategies, Intel has delivered product more regularly than a midwife in an NHS hospital.

GloFo have confirmed that they're ready to help AMD eat Intel's pie - creamy goodness and all

While the company’s main efforts have obviously been focused on the CPU itself, a bug in the supporting chipset was missed and Intel is now working to rectify that. You can’t say that it’s lucky to have a problem when you transition to a new chip, but it’s probably as good a time as ever. More on that angle from KitGuru a little later, once we’ve spoken with industry analysts.

OK, so Intel has mis-stepped on the stage. Momentarily, all eyes now move to AMD. Honestly, if they had the Bulldozer parts launching now, then it would seem like Xmas/New Year and a World Cup/Superbowl/Stanley Cup (delete as applicable in your region) winning moment for them, all rolled up into one.

But that isn’t the case. What AMD has is some great 6 core products centred on the Phenom II X6. The next question must be, if AMD is able to sweep through the market and make additional sales, while Intel is working furiously to recover, then can they actually produce enough product.

AMD ready to walk right across Intel's Sandy Bridge following chipset issues

KitGuru has spoken with Global Foundries and the response was unambiguous, “We’re confident that we can support AMD’s CPU and APU capacity requirements for 2011”.

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. If AMD can capitalise on Intel’s wobble, then Global Foundries can guarantee supply.

KitGuru says: All eyes move to the AMD sales teams – and we’ll be watching the Q1 results like hawks to see if they did manage to take advantage of this rather unique set of circumstances.

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  • Tech Head

    If AMD had processors to compete directly, they would be flying, but i would say their sales will go up anyway.

  • Tim

    The tech industry is a fickle one,. it takes only a problem like the 6 series chipset issue to cause huge public disbelief in a company. people ask ‘how the hell did this get past Quality control?:. they they wonder if their own system has a problem, then look at alternatives. AMD are the altnerative really and I would be honestly looking at a 6 core system from AMD right now if I was in the market.

  • Mopar63

    Do not count on this impacting consumer confidence too much, Intel will pull a BP and smother the airwaves with ad material.

    As for AMD while they should gain from this the gain will be from Intels slip not AMDs advance, which is sad. I have said for years that the AMD marketing department borders on being criminally incompetent. They target everyone excpet the consumer about a consumer program like Vision. They fail to leverage even the simpliest marketing opportunities and then wonder why people think them a 3rd rate company.

    The marketing team at AMD need to grow a pair and step up.

  • Preetam

    So it’s fixed, BULLDOZER launches April?


    Maybe thats the problem Mopar, They are 3rd rate for so long they’ve become used to it. Reason enough to sack most of the team and get some people there who are thirsty fro dollars