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Intel to roll out ‘graphics less’ Sandy Bridge chips

VR Zone have published a news article which indicates that Intel will be releasing three new Sandy Bridge SKUs which won't feature integrated graphics. VR Zone say “In a last minute attempt at getting rid of some more Sandy Bridge processors, Intel will be launching three new SKUs, one of …

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New Intel Core i3 chips set to hit stores

While the Sandy Bridge/Cougar Point affair is still very much in the public domain, Intel is pushing ahead with its launch schedule unhindered. We're presently hearing that the launch for the new chips will be on a Sunday. Strange timing. KitGuru gives the specs a once over. Searching Google for …

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Working around Sandy Bridge problem

But how safe is it? Intel doesn't really do ‘Total Recalls' like this. It's scary stuff. The company that effectively made the global market for microprocessors is such a galactically huge corporation, with advanced R&D the like of which has never been seen before, that no one ever really expected …

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Intel announce anti theft technology for Sandy Bridge

Intel's David Allen has confirmed that they are going to include the ability to remotely disable Sandy Bridge systems from a remote administration console. This will be a great asset to corporations and Intel will include this anti theft technology in the vPro equipped chips. Allen spoke to IT Business …

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AMD Fusion discussion with Bob Grim

We're surrounded by integrated graphics.   From Blackberries to iPhones, from netbooks to iPads. KitGuru spends more hours in a day using integrated graphics than discrete cards. As users, we represent the elite. The top 5% of users – with serious knowledge, skills and access to as much technology as we …

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Sandy Bridge Launch line up – info leaked

Computerbase appear to have leaked information on the Intel launch lineup for Sandy bridge. Both mobile and desktop parts are listed and while this is not confirmed it looks to be reasonably realistic going on previous reports. The move to Sandy Bridge will give customers new solutions with power via …

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