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Intel announce anti theft technology for Sandy Bridge

Intel’s David Allen has confirmed that they are going to include the ability to remotely disable Sandy Bridge systems from a remote administration console. This will be a great asset to corporations and Intel will include this anti theft technology in the vPro equipped chips.

Allen spoke to IT Business and explained that corporate IT departments could configure Sandy Bridge laptops to be deactivated on demand, providing a security layer in a remote environment – a ‘kill switch’ to disable a stolen machine.

This technology is basically an enhancement of what is already available on some corporate Intel platforms but it gives a good indication that Intel are seriously marketing the new range of processors at high end business organisations. There is no information yet that this will be released on a consumer level, although the need for this would be significantly less.

Allen said “Sandy Bridge will deliver the security, connectivity and performance options that businesses need, and we’ll rely on our channel to help deliver this to the SMB market.’

KitGuru says: A remote ‘kill switch’ would certainly bring peace of mind to company sensitive materials, but would you like this for the home too?

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  • Any potential Vulnerabilities of this feature concern me.

    I’d hate to wake up one morning and see half the US population unable to use their PC’s because of a clever politically motivated group who decided to flip the switch.

  • rav

    It only works if the stolen computer is put on-line.