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Motorola Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet set for CES

Motorola are going to be showcasing a new Tablet using the Android 3.0 (codename Honeycomb) operating system at the Consumer Electronics Shows next month.

Motorola have released a brief video on YouTube highlighting the introduction of a tablet computer based on the upcoming Google Android Honeycomb operating system. The clip is called ‘Tablet Evolution’ and it is set in a museum and they take a few pot shots at competitor products.

image courtesy of Phone Done

Obviously the Apple iPad is a key target for Motorola and they call it a ‘giant iPhone’ which is certainly going to angry many of the Apple fanboys. Motorola also take a dig at the Samsung Galaxy Tab saying that they are using an Android OS which is designed for ‘a phone’. Google executives have acknowledged that Android 2.2 is not optimised for tablets, although it hasn’t damaged sales as Samsung have sold over 1 million units already since release.

Motorola deserve some credit however, they are using Android as the flagship platform for its smartphones and they have said that they will release both a 7 inch and a 10 inch tablet based on Android. Kitguru is a big believer in Android as one of the leading lights in the mobile world – our recent review of the Dell Streak running Froyo 2.2 has shown us what the search engine giant are capable of delivering to market.

KitGuru says: Are you an Apple user, does this video clip annoy you? share your views.

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