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Apple aim iAd Producer as code free replacement for Flash

Apple have released iAd Producer, a new software package to design interative, media rich adverts using web standards for distribution through its iAd network within iOS applications. This is a direct attack on Adobe’s Flash developer tools, todays industry standard suite for the same thing.

Apple’s new HTML5 development package is a ‘powerful visual editing canvas’ according to information on their own website. It uses many technologies from Xcode, Apple’s Integrated Development Environment for Macintosh and iOS software.

Actionscript is a complicated coding system which Apple want to negate. The iAd Producer development tool provides templates and image galleries and the interface design is set up so developers can add media playback controls, buttons, switches and sliders without having to write any code at all. Flip views and progress indicators are offered without any programming demand.

Animated transitions and effects can be added to pages and content with catalog media assets available such as videos, graphics and SVG fonts. The end result is a self contained HTML5 website that can be inserted into existing iOS applications – giving an interactive advertising experience.

While this will replace Flash on iOS devices completely, it is only a matter of time before it makes its way into other territories and could be one of the biggest threats that Flash will face over the coming years.

KitGuru says: With the might of Apple behind it, this software package will certainly become one of the industries de facto tools.

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