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Adobe breaks revenue records on cloud strength


Adobe has managed to increase its annual revenue to near $6 billion, an overall rise of some 22 per cent year on year. Quarterly net income is said to be at record setting levels also, thanks to rapid growth in its digital media segment, and expansion of its Creative Cloud …

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Adobe users faced with Creative Cloud file deletion bug

Towards the end of last week, an issue with Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription-based software came to light, with some users finding their files being deleted without any authorization. This issue seems to have affected quite a few people but Adobe has announced that they are currently working on a fix …

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Google to start banning Flash adverts

Companies have been moving away from Adobe Flash for a while now and Google is set to sever yet another tie with the software as the company has announced that it will no longer be accepting adverts made using Flash from the 30th of June onwards. If advertisers get their …

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U.S. businesses complain about new EU privacy rules

EU citizens' data cannot be so easily sent to the U.S. any more thanks to a ruling on Tuesday which saw a European court shoot down the “Safe Harbour” system, which allows companies to self-certify whether they have enough data protection measures in place when sending customer information overseas. Moving …

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Apple’s iPad Pro and productivity tablets could be threat for Intel – Analyst

If Apple manages to popularize its iPad Pro tablet among professionals, then over time such devices could expand their market presence and compete against various notebooks and 2-in-1s based on microprocessors from Intel Corp. Even though Apple’s iPad Pro introduced this week leverages Apple iOS ecosystem, the new product does …

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Tech giants to pay out $415 million in poaching lawsuit

A US District Judge today approved a $415 million settlement in the no-poaching lawsuit levied at several massive tech companies, including Google, Apple and Intel. The class action lawsuit came about after it was discovered that several massive tech companies agreed to not poach employees from one another, which in …

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Amazon to stop accepting flash advertisements from September

The slow downfall of Adobe Flash continues, as Amazon announces that from September onwards it will no longer be accepting flash based advertisements on its site. The decision was apparently driven by recent updates to several popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In recent years, Flash has …

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Twitch is moving from Flash to HTML 5

Following on from other sites abandoning Flash, streaming site, Twitch, has also revealed that it will be switching from Adobe's solution to HTML 5, just as YouTube did some time ago. Flash Plenty of big name companies have been moving away from Flash recently, including Mozilla and Facebook, whose Chief …

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Is latest security hole the death of flash?

Flash was once a mainstay of the online world, providing us with everything from animations, to games, to vibrating pop-up banners, but no more. With the advent of smartphones that dropped support for the oft-insecure platform, it's fallen by the wayside. It continues to be used in some corners of …

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Another week, another Flash vulnerability


You really should disable or uninstall Adobe Flash at this point. If you haven't yet done so however here is another reason, following on from last week's 0-day exploit; there is another critical vulnerability that is being actively exploited in the wild, the only difference this time is that there is …

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Adobe is suing Forever 21 for pirating Photoshop

Adobe is suing clothing store chain, Forever 21, as it turns out that the retail outlet has been pirating Photoshop software, according to the new lawsuit filing. The company is now facing serious fines as a result. The lawsuit was filed yesterday in a California District Court. This wasn't a …

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