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Adobe is raising its Creative Cloud subscription prices in the UK

Adobe has announced this week that it will be the latest company to start raising its prices here in the UK, citing the Brexit vote and the subsequent fluctuation of the GBP as the main cause. The company made the announcement in a notice sent out to Creative Cloud subscribers, going over various price rises for different tiers of the Creative Cloud, with some having to pay up to 46 percent more.

The email itself reads: “Like many US-based global companies, Adobe is making pricing adjustments to offset fluctuations in foreign exchange rate”, the company then tried to soften the blow by pointing out that the UK isn't the only country to see prices increase, “a number of markets” have been impacted, including Sweden and Brazil.

“We monitor currency fluctuations and make adjustments only when necessary. Our ability to align with fluctuations in currency rates will enable us to continually innovate and deliver great value through our products and services. We will continue to provide world-class products and services at a compelling value for all of our members.”

The price rise won't come into effect until the 6th of March this year but it will affect apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and more. Adobe is just the latest tech company to raise its prices after last year's Brexit vote, with OnePlus, Dell, Apple and Microsoft, all making similar moves over the last six months.

KitGuru Says: The Creative Cloud service is used by students and professionals alike all over the country, so there has been quite a bit of uproar following this price hike. Do any of you currently use Adobe Creative Cloud? How do you feel about the prices going up?

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