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Sonos becomes the latest company to hike UK prices

Over the last six months, there have been plenty of tech companies increasing their pricing here in the UK, ranging from Microsoft and Apple to Dell and One Plus. Last week, Adobe joined the list and this week, Sonos has announced that its speakers will also be getting a UK …

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Netflix price-hike won’t grandfather you in

If you've been a Netflix subscriber for a number of years, you've likely taken advantage of the fact that as prices were changed and options added, you were grandfathered in at the lower price point. That's not going to happen this time around though, as the latest Netflix price change …

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EA Games riles up India with hiked game pricing

See, it's not just the internet that hates EA Games, India does too. Thanks to a new move by the publishing giant that saw some newly launched PC games costing double the price of the previous generation, many Indians have been using social networks to complain; often using the #EAPCIndia …

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