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Grab your new motherboard now, before the price hikes hit

Slightly deeper pockets will soon be required if a new motherboard is on the shopping list. It's been said that motherboard vendors will be looking to increase prices on their boards by as much as 10% in the very near future, potentially as early as the end of this quarter.

The reason for the hike is said to be a result of increasing costs on certain raw materials (primarily copper) and also rising labor costs in China. We've already seen motherboard prices rise by 5 to 10% at the beginning of 2011 for similar reasons, then again another 3 to 8% rise in April as a result of increased costs on certain components after the Earthquake disaster in Japan a month prior.

Apparently ASUS has confirmed plans to increase its motherboard prices by about 10% and one would assume that other vendors will be following suit either at the same time or soon after. Although with that said, GIGABYTE has responded to VR-Zone on the subject with denial of any price increasing to be taking place on their boards anytime soon.

Nonetheless, ASUS is expecting its motherboard shipments to increase by 10% within this first quarter and GIGABYTE have even higher expectations of 20%.

Source: Digitimes

KitGuru says: No wonder expectations on Q1 shipments are expected to rise if word of this spreads far and wide enough.

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