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Asus brings a bottle of DirectCU II to the 7790 party

As any Guru of the Kit knows, your performance parts are only as good as the cooling solution you provide to take the excess energy away from the vital components. From its new-found position as ‘Number one for AMD graphics’, Asus has great cooling technology and it’s bringing it to …

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Green pioneers direct current data centre with HP

While Dell is packing big and bad with the news that it has a brand new line up of tiny and powerful Copper servers with ARM technology, HP has not been resting. Instead, its engineers have been working with the biggest IT/communications service providers in Switzerland, to try and save …

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Dell ramps up 15 watt ARM multi-core servers

Go back far enough, and servers were mini-computers or even mainframes. Even something as humble as a 200MB hard drive was the size of a washing machine and it would thud and thunk as the read/write head flew across a massive spinning disk. Then came Apricot’s 486 servers and things …

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