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EK-Quantum Surface Unboxing – We’ve been waiting a year for this!

EKWB announced their new Quantum Surface radiators at Computex 2021 and we were immediately filled with pangs of desire. We regularly cover news about EKWB water blocks and happily use EKWB hardware in PC builds but it has long been clear their radiators were due for an overhaul. And now, a full year after that Computex announcement, EKWB has received stock of Quantum Surface and a consignment immediately winged its way to my doorstep.

00:00 Start
00:47 Unboxing
01:54 The Quantum Surface Radiators
04:23 Fin Density


  • High-grade 99.9% copper fins
  • Copper H90 tubing
  • Brass H62 end tank chambers
  • Stainless Steel side plates
  • Extruded Aluminum Silver anodized end piece covers
  • Brass nickel-plated extenders and plugs

EKWB sent me five of their new radiators however as you will see in our video two were the same model so we took a look at the Quantum Surface S120, S240, P360M and X360M and we shall have to wait to see the Quantum Surface P420M X-Flow on another day. Let us hope that Dave Alcock brings one with him when he visits KitGuru in the near future.

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KitGuru says: We have waited a long while to see EK-Quantum Surface and first impressions are very favourable. The next job will be to use these radiators in some PC builds.

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