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Intel veteran talks DDR5

Leo had some good luck while he was working on a video about DDR5 RAM when he got into conversation with Dan Ragland at Intel. Dan is a 25 year veteran at Intel and has the title of 'Principal Engineer' with the added bonus that he is genuinely excited about Overlocking, XMP, Latency and BIOS settings. If you want to understand how to overclock your memory or how to get the best out of your Core i9 processor, just listen to Dan.

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How does Intel develop a laptop?

While KitGuru was in Malaysia with Intel learning about the secrets behind 14th Gen Meteor Lake chips  we took the opportunity to interview to interview one of their engineers. He is Gokul Subramaniam and his portfolio covers a host of technologies including cooling strategies, power consumption and recycling. Basically, he takes your laptop from its design cradle to its end-of-life grave.

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Leo Says Ep.69 – Say Hello to Intel Core Ultra

KitGuru attended the recent Intel Innovation event and heard for ourselves when Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced the laptop chips that had been codenamed Meteor Lake would be launched as Intel Core Ultra. Also, in news that surprised none of us, we learned that 'AI is taking over'. We trust Gelsinger meant this in a good and interesting way but the thought of Skynet taking over our lives leaves something to be desired.

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Leo Says Ep.67 – Is Intel really ditching its 20A process for TSMC N3?

We recently covered Intel's claim that it would deliver five fabrication nodes in four years which would allow the chip giant to regain its process technology leadership, presumably from TSMC, by 2025. These are bold claims that were immediately challenged by news that Intel would ditch its own 20A process in Arrow Lake and would instead use the TSMC N3 process...

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AMD HP OMEN 16 (2023) Showcase

At CES earlier this year we learned about a number of new AMD laptop chips in the 7040HS and 7045HX series. Today we have the opportunity to showcase an HP Omen 16 laptop that uses an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor with eight cores/16 threads that are built on the latest Zen 4 architecture.  This enables the HP Omen 16 to storm along in office work or games while consuming very little power, and that helps to maximise battery life.

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