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Leo Says Ep. 68: Making Meteor Lake in Malaysia!

KitGuru has been to Malaysia with Intel on a Tech Tour that took us behind closed doors where we watched the Intel staff cut chips from wafers and then use Foveros packaging to create 14th Gen Meteor Lake laptop processors. To add the the fun I had my photo taken with a massive Ponte Vecchio graphics chip…

Intel will announce details of 14th Gen Meteor Lake at their Innovation event on the 19th September, so for the next few weeks we are sworn to secrecy. Sadly I am unable to show my personal highlight of our Tech Tour which was the sight of robotic carts carrying valuable cargoes of Meteor Lake and Sapphire Rapids chips around the enormous Penang production plant as no video was permitted.

For the second part of our tour we were shown some of the testing that goes on in Penang and Kulim which is both monumental and mind-warping. If you ever wondered whether your laptop or PC can truly support the full set of USB connections along with every SATA and M.2 connection plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Thunderbolt, well the answer is a resounding Yes.

KitGuru Says: Meteor Lake is coming very soon and we plan on lining up some laptop reviews in double quick time.

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