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Leo Says Ep.69 – Say Hello to Intel Core Ultra

KitGuru attended the recent Intel Innovation event and heard for ourselves when Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced the laptop chips that had been codenamed Meteor Lake would be launched as Intel Core Ultra. Also, in news that surprised none of us, we learned that ‘AI is taking over'. We trust Gelsinger meant this in a good and interesting way but the thought of Skynet taking over our lives leaves something to be desired.

A few weeks before Innovation, Leo travelled to Malaysia with Intel to learn about processor packaging, which we discussed HERE.

We were also briefed about Meteor Lake, however that was held under embargo until the Innovation event, so we are only now able to tell you what Intel has planned for their imminent 14th Gen laptop chips.

We covered a good amount of the background in our video about ‘5 Nodes in 4 Years' which you can see HERE and we followed up with a deeper dive into rumours about Intel's plans for using TSMC to make both the Compute and Graphics tiles in many Meteor Lake chips while Intel seems likely to only make Compute tiles for lower tier models. You can find that story HERE.

Once you have the basics under your belt you can better appreciate the importance of Intel's disaggregated design and the way it is using chiplets or tiles to construct Meteor Lake.

As you watch our new video which includes dozens of Intel's briefing slides you will be able to appreciate there are significant questions that we will only be able to answer when we get our hands on the new laptops for review.

How well do the new cores perform?

What the heck is the AI all about?

How much Intel silicon will we find inside these Intel laptops?

Are the new Intel graphics going to kick Nvidia off the field?

We can guess the answer to that last one but the other questions are really important.

KitGuru Says: Intel Core Ultra has been launched and it looks really impressive on paper (but we think the name Meteor Lake is way cooler)

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