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Asus brings a bottle of DirectCU II to the 7790 party

As any Guru of the Kit knows, your performance parts are only as good as the cooling solution you provide to take the excess energy away from the vital components. From its new-found position as ‘Number one for AMD graphics', Asus has great cooling technology and it's bringing it to the 7790. KitGuru prepares a thermometer and lube.

If you're in the market for a Radeon HD 7790, then you are likely to be budget constrained.

That raises a question: Just because you're trying to save money, does that mean you need to put up with a hot/noisy cooler?

Not according to Asus.

Marketing specialist and battle tank enthusiast, Ellina Webb, told us, “The ASUS HD 7790 DirectCU II graphics card improves performance through the use of a 1075MHz GPU and proprietary DirectCU II thermal innovation”.

We've spoken with Ellina before and can confirm that she loves nothing more than a bit if thermal innovation.

“Essentially, it runs 20% cooler and significantly quieter than reference HD 7790 designs, allowing for better overclocking”, she said. Which was nice.

“The higher performance ceiling can be tapped by exclusive GPU Tweak, a user-friendly graphics card tuning utility, so the HD 7790 DirectCU II offers great value DirectX 11.1 gaming and multimedia performance with power-efficient 28nm GPU technology”, Ellina told us.

She added, “It also supports the newest PC games in mid to high settings in 1080p, and can easily handle high definition multimedia content acceleration”.

You can power it off a pair of 6-pin power connectors – which should make it an easy upgrade or addition for most systems.

Ellina 'Tank Girl' Webb believes victory is assured in the budget sector with DirectCU II. Who would argue with Tank Girl?

KitGuru says: Overall, this is an interesting variation of the Radeon HD 7790 that KitGuru has already tested. When making a choice on a card like this, you will need to balance the 1GB of memory against the potential for higher speed overclocks – all the time thinking about your budget. We believe that system integrators will prefer this over the 7770, IF the price is right.

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