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Windows Blue early build leaks online. New UI changes

The upcoming version of Windows is currently under development and an early build of it has leaked online. Windows Blue as it is codenamed is based around an early build, V9364.

Screenshots have leaked online which show that there are more interface changes. The build is 32 bit and is 2.63GB in size (ISO file).

The User Interface changes show that live tiles can be resizeable as both small and large tiles. The screenshots highlight an iPad like Picture Frame mode which allows the end user to play with image slideshows from the Lock screen. The OS also adds a new ‘Play’ option under the devices charms menu and an option to take a screenshot in the Share charms menu. Snap view multitasking multi viewing mode has been changed to offer a 50-50 view for two apps.

The leaked pictures show that Windows Blue has a new version of Internet Explorer bundled. V11 has synced tabs and will allow users to open the same browser tabs on other Windows devices which they switch over. Less excitingly the screenshots show a new version of Calculator with Simple, Scientific and Converter modes.

Windows Blue has a new feature, if you swipe down on the start screen it will show all the installed applications. Again this is an early build and many of the functionality is likely to change before it is released.

Microsoft are expected to release a customer preview of the operating system in the coming months with a final version coming later.

Kitguru says: Will this version appeal to the enthusiast masses who haven’t moved from Windows 7?

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