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Never mind a ‘smartwatch’, get a bomb proof watch!

Are you sick reading about upcoming watches from Apple, Samsung and Google? I know I am – these aren’t real watches in the vein of swiss masterpieces!

German designer Kaventsmann Uhren has released his new Triggerfish Uhren watch, which is built to withstand some serious punishment. The watch has been tested at pressures up to 300 bar and has even survived a detonation of C4 explosives with barely a mark on it.

Kaventsmann Uhren constructs and machines the parts himself in his workshop, which has only been open since 2011. His timepieces are already causing a stir however in the industry, particularly for their performance under watch.

The Triggerfish Bronze A2 built a case for an ETA 2892 A2 movement from shock resistant phosphor bronze, with a stainless steel back and a 10mm domed polycarbonate crystal. It is a large watch, measuring 45mm wide and 20mm tall. It is waterproof up to 3000 meters underwater although the latest test is taking all the headlines.

Kaventsmann asked for the help of the U.S. Special forces to test the durability of the piece. He had a team of soldiers set up a 4.5kg shaped charge of C4 on a bombing range and placed the Triggerfish 1 meter away from it. When the explosives were detonated the watch survived, with only some scratches. The leather strap disintegrated.

The inner timing movement was knocked out of place, but the model has been improved since then to counter this happened in future. If a C4 explosion went off a meter away a watch would be the last thing you would be worrying about.

Only 30 of these watches have been made and they are all reserved for customers. You can find out more here.

Kitguru says: Built to last !

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