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Google smartwatch coming soon?

We have reported before on the upcoming release of both Apple and Samsung smartwatches, but the latest news would suggest that Google are also working on an android based watch.

The smartwatch seems to be the next generation product for all the leading technology companies to release. According to the Financial Times, the Google smartwatch is supposedly being developed by the company’s Android unit rather than in their X Lab.

The news is interesting because their Android Unit tend to release products faster than X Lab. There may be a rush this year to release, not just between Samsung and Apple, but Google. Google have, according to the Financial Times filed a patent for a dual screened display and an interactive user interface.

The current rush to release a smartphone seems unusual because there are already many smartwatches on the market, such as the Martian Passport Watch and the Pebble wristwatch.

Kitguru says: 2013 is the year of the watch.

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