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Netflix confirms details of its slight price increase

A few weeks back we heard that Netflix might be planning to raise its prices a bit in all parts of the world for new customers, however, at the time the company hadn’t decided on an exact course of action. Now Netflix has finalised its plans as it began sending emails to current members saying that Netflix prices will be raised by £1 in the UK and €1 in the rest of Europe, details of price changes in the US are still being confirmed.

At the time, Netflix mentioned that this price increase will only affect new customers while recurring subscribers will get to stick to the current pricing plan for a “generous period of time”. Now we actually know how long this period of time lasts, current subscribers will continue to pay £5.99 a month for the next two years, after that, everyone will be paying £6.99.


We also have confirmed details of multiple price plans coming to the service, for £5.99 new customers will be restricted to streaming on one screen as well as standard definition. £6.99 will allow two streams and HD quality while £8.99 will allow subscribers to stream on up to four devices in HD all at once.

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KitGuru Says: This small price bump will supposedly allow Netflix to pay for better movies and TV shows, which will hopefully prove true as the UK selection is lacking compared to the US. Many customers won’t need to worry about the price change for another two years either but if you have a lot of people leaching off of your Netflix account, or if your whole family uses it, then you might want to consider the £8.99 option. What do you guys think about the small price increase and the introduction of new plans?

Source: Cnet

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