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EA Games riles up India with hiked game pricing

See, it's not just the internet that hates EA Games, India does too. Thanks to a new move by the publishing giant that saw some newly launched PC games costing double the price of the previous generation, many Indians have been using social networks to complain; often using the #EAPCIndia hashtag.

These prices aren't a joke either, they really are more than double the last-gen price in some instances, with Battlefield 4 being the worst culprit. On the PC, a traditionally somewhat cheaper platform than its console counterparts, it's costing Indians 133 per cent more than BF3 did. FIFA 14 for the PC is 66 per cent higher than FIFA 13. Console gamers are much better off, but they're seeing price jumps too. Need for Speed: Rivals, 2012's Need for Speed: Most Wanted and FIFA 14 on the PS3 have all been increased 16 per cent.

Shouldn't this have removed a lot of geographical differences, pricing wise?

One user said via Twitter: “ALL HAIL PIRACY!! Just when I wanted to continue buying legit games. Thank you very much @eaindia” while another said: “#EAPCIndia this is an excellent step in encouraging gamers to support piracy , I don't see anything wrong in that :P.”

Many others point out the oddity that with Origin available in India, why the need for higher prices? Is there really a need to increase BF4 by such a degree when its can be digitally downloaded there without factoring in shipping or physical media costs?

KitGuru Says: Out of many places in the world, those of us in the UK can surely empathise here. Just look at the cost comparison for the next-gen consoles between us and the US.

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