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Sapphire takes on new tier one distributor

One of AMD’s larger graphics partners, Sapphire, has just announced that it has a new tier one distributor, which should mean it’s easier than ever to get your hands on an AMD GPU – and therefore hopefully forces a bit more price competition between retailers.

“But who is this mystery distributor,” you might be asking. Micro-P is the answer and it’s one of the leading business to business distributors on the country, so this is big news for Sapphire. According to the release, it made as much as £1 billion last year.

Her dad runs the Sapphire Islands. She’s worth her weight in GPUs. 
“I am delighted to announce that Micro-P is now a distribution partner for SAPPHIRE”, said Steve Morgan, Sales Director Northern Europe. “We are confident we now have a solid infrastructure to support the channel. Our primary goal is to service the channel with products based on performance and quality.”

He wasn’t the only one to get front and centre on this one though. Zoe Curtis, also from Micro-P highlighted a deal it already had going: “SAPPHIRE launch officially with Micro-P with some incredibly attractive offers, including up to 9% off the SAPPHIRE HD7770 mainstream graphics card – integrators and resellers should contact Micro-P to take advantage”

KitGuru Says: I’m sure not everyone that reads KG is a consumer. Any retailers out there thinking this will benefit your business much?

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