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Custom AMD gaming PC winner announced

Although we give away a lot of solid gaming gear on KitGuru, it’s not often that we run contests for fully built gaming PCs. That’s exactly what we did at the start of February though, offering up a customised AMD gaming PC with RX 470 graphics, 32GB of memory, custom …

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Snaps of alleged AMD RX 460, RX 470 show up online


Pictures of two of AMD’s more mainstream RX series graphics cards, the 460 and 470 have shown up online, potentially giving us our first look at what the GPUs will look like at release. Both cards shown are however Sapphire branded, so this isn’t necessarily an indication of what stock …

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Sapphire supercharges Polaris with RX 480 Nitro+


Today marks the launch of the Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Nitro+, combining features and a thoughtful cooler design to deliver the best value for gamers looking to upgrade to Polaris this year. The latest Nitro card comes with an improved Dual-X cooler, which allows for higher out of the box …

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Sapphire unveils the R9 380x NITRO

Today, AMD officially announced the R9 380x, targeting the £200/$249 price point. We have already reviewed the Asus Strix edition of this card from but other partners are now starting to reveal their custom versions as well. Sapphire has today revealed that the R9 380x will be joining its NITRO …

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Sapphire Trixx unlocks AMD R9 Fury X voltage and HBM

When the AMD R9 Fury X launched this year, reviewers quickly found out that there would be limited overclocking potential due to voltage locks, as well as limitations placed on the speed the card’s high bandwidth memory (HBM) could run at. Now, it looks like things are loosening up a bit, …

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Sapphire is now shipping the AMD R9 Nano

Sapphire has announced that it has begun shipping the Radeon R9 Nano, AMD’s latest graphics card that packs the full power of a Fury chip on to a tiny 6-inch PCB, featuring High-Bandwith Memory (HBM) along with support for DirectX 12, which is starting to be implemented in to games …

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Sapphire unveils Nitro R7 360 graphics adapter for mini-ITX systems

Sapphire Technologies has introduced a new entry-level graphics card designed for mini-ITX systems. The new Sapphire Nitro R7 360 is powered by “Bonaire” graphics processing unit and may be used as an inexpensive upgrade for older PCs or building of home-theater personal computers (HTPCs). The Sapphire Nitro R7 360 graphics …

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Sapphire reveals ITX R9 380 Compact Edition

As small form-factor PCs rise in popularity, so do small form-factor graphics cards.  Today, Sapphire has announced the AMD R9 380 ITX Compact Edition, a shrunk down version of the R9 380 graphics card. The compact edition has been developed with small ITX builds in mind, with a short 171mm …

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New Gorilla Glass to almost be as scratch resistant as Sapphire

Late last year, Corning showed off the latest version of its Gorilla Glass, claiming that it was stronger than ever and more resistant to common drops and accidents. However, the company is already looking ahead to the future with Project Phire, which is apparently almost as scratch resistant as Sapphire glass. …

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Sapphire Technology teases NFC brand

Sapphire Technology on Wednesday uploaded a teaser video to its account on YouTube, teasing, possibly, new graphics cards featuring mysterious NFC technology. Like with many viral videos, Sapphire’s video does not explain what exactly it advertises. “Passion is hard,” says the voice in the video. “Sometimes it hurts. People tell …

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