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Man builds Laser Gatling Gun

Very few things are cooler than a laser gun. For decades they have been in the dreams of sci-fi geeks the world over. How about the man who recently built a Laser Gatling Gun which features six 1.4 watt class 4 lasers. The aluminum body spins a turret inside, housing those lasers. A 100mW green laser is mounted to one side, which will assist in aiming.

The speed of the turret can be controlled using a little adjustment switch on the underside of the gun. Four ball bearings ensure that the turret spins smoothly. The aiming laser and motor is powered by eight AA batteries and the six blue lasers are powered by four parallel 18650 lithium ion batteries.

Creator Patrick Priebe is a German laser weapons hobbyist. Unfortunately he won’t be offering them for sale, as we would expect a small audience will already be checking their bank balance.

Check out a video of the laser in operation, below.
[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY5RYb14mIE’]

Kitguru says: A cool gadget for the garage, we think.

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