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‘No insurance’ £300,000 Lamborghini could be scrapped

A couple of days ago, the police in London seized a £300,000 Lamborghini Aventador because it was being driven illegally in Knightsbridge. The driver didn’t have insurance for the car.

The ultra high performance car, in bright purple is currently being displayed outside Scotland Yard and the police are still working out if charges will be brought against the driver. There is a possibility that the car could be destroyed as well.

The Met Office issued a statement which said that the Lamborghini was one of a handful of supercars seized by offices as part of ‘Operation Cubo’. A spokesman said “We have been seizing many types of cars, but sports cars have been among them.”We have had a few Porsches, BMW X5s, and a Ferrari – that one got crushed and in fact the vast majority of them are.”
Police said that Operation Cubo has taken place across 20 separate days and 656 vehicles have been seized in one single day in June. A total of 10,318 vehicles have been seized as part of this operation since October 2011.

Kitguru says: Such a shame if these ultra expensive, beautiful cars were destroyed. Surely they could be auctioned off and the profits given to charity?

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