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Foxconn starts producing flagship iPhone in India

Recently there has been talk of Foxconn expanding its manufacturing and assembly lines in India to continue helping Apple. Now, reports indicate that Foxconn has indeed begun assembling the iPhone 11 in a facility near Chennai, making it the first flagship iPhone being assembled in India.  Earlier in July it …

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Indian space agency breaks satellite launch record

The Indian Space Research Organisation has broken the world record for launching simultaneous satellites into orbit around the Earth. Taking off in the early hours of this morning, the Polar Satellite Launch vehicle PSLV-C37 hauled 104 satellites out of the Earth's atmosphere. Three satellites were for Indian use, while the other …

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India threatens heavy fines and prison sentences for pirates


Although three strike measures, potential fines and even jail sentences aren't that uncommon a fear for Western pirates, those sharing files in India face potentially much stiffer punishments. Stated in a new block warning going up on certain pirate sites, the government is threatening £3,000+ in fines and a three …

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Apple isn’t allowed to sell used iPhones in India

Apple has been blocked from importing or selling refurbished iPhones in India. The company had requested approval to sell some of its older, used devices at a cheaper price in India earlier this year but has been rejected for the second time. Apple tried to obtain approval last year but …

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Facebook expands Internet.org to all developers amid concerns

Although the Facebook backed project, Internet.org, was initially slated as a method for those in under-developed technological areas to access ‘the internet,' it drew a lot of criticism for limiting those people's access to certain websites. This prompted many people to suggest that Facebook was hampering the push for net …

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Pepper spray drones tested in India

Even though drones may bring the promise of faster deliveries, wonderfully gimballed footage and the ability to really up the ante on curtain peeping neighbours, they're also seeing a lot of use in military and policing sectors. In India for example, they've been trialling them for use with crowd control …

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EA Games riles up India with hiked game pricing

See, it's not just the internet that hates EA Games, India does too. Thanks to a new move by the publishing giant that saw some newly launched PC games costing double the price of the previous generation, many Indians have been using social networks to complain; often using the #EAPCIndia …

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World’s last telegram office to close

If you'd hoped to get a message to the colonies for Christmas, your time might be running out, as on 14th July the last telegram service will close, due to it becoming disused in the wake of increased mobile phone usage across the world. The last service and its 75 …

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India launches £13 tablet for students

Aakash 2

Today the Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee, launched a new tablet aimed at students and low income families. Costing just Rs 1,130 (£13) for those still in further education. The “Aakash 2″ comes with 512MB of RAM, a 1Ghz, processor and a 7” capacitive touch screen. The little device is being manufactured by …

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India invests in fake-finder forensic system

As it rapidly becomes the single most populous country on the planet, India is now plagued by forgers, keen to create their own bank notes. As the country grows, the implication for the economy of having an unchecked community of cheats is very serious indeed. But help is coming. KitGuru …

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