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India invests in fake-finder forensic system

As it rapidly becomes the single most populous country on the planet, India is now plagued by forgers, keen to create their own bank notes. As the country grows, the implication for the economy of having an unchecked community of cheats is very serious indeed. But help is coming. KitGuru examines the issues behind legal tender and how Gandhi continues to look after the nation he helped build.

Looking at almost 3,000 serious cases of forgery from last year, the successful prosecution rate in India was just over 35%. That means that the criminal masterminds who print and distribute their own currency, are able to operate with impunity.

Until now.

Contrary to the image suggested by its name, India's Central Forensic Science Laboratory is actually four centres. The CFSL's director, Mr Singh, has new hope in his battle against the criminal forgers.

While the new machines and software being developed will help detect dodgy notes, they also go one stage further. They incorporate tests to help ascertain which machines were used to make the false notes – and where the raw materials were likely to have been shipped in from.

Battle tested by Interpol, the machines will begin to make an appearance in India, and soon after will help stem the tide of false fiver proliferation.

In the meantime, the Indian mint people (currency, not sweets) have noticed something strange about the patterns printed on their rupees.

Notes that contain a specific portrait of Gandhi, have proven almost impossible to forge properly. Could it be that this holy man is looking after his country's economy, even after death – or is this pure coincidence?

Gandhi: Hard act to follow, hard note to copy

KitGuru says: Given all of India's proven ability to develop systems and software, it will be interesting to see if the forgers can continue to stay one step ahead – or will the national police manage to increase convictions past the 50% mark ?

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