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Apple isn’t allowed to sell used iPhones in India

Apple has been blocked from importing or selling refurbished iPhones in India. The company had requested approval to sell some of its older, used devices at a cheaper price in India earlier this year but has been rejected for the second time.

Apple tried to obtain approval last year but was blocked by India's environmental industry due to fears that Apple's used iPhones would end up contributing to India's electronic waste issues.


As 9to5Mac points out, a newly formed lobbying group, which involves companies like Samsung, did write to the Indian government last night to oppose Apple's request to sell used devices in the country. While it is not confirmed that this had anything to do with the rejection, it may have played a part.

In a statement given to Bloomberg, an Indian telecommunications ministry official confirmed the rejection but merely cited “official policy” as the reason.

KitGuru Says: Apple has been blocked from bringing used devices to India before so the lobbying group involving Samsung may not have had much to do with the final decision at all, particularly if the government is concerned about generating more electronic waste. 

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