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EA is shutting down another studio: Maxis

If you played and were somewhat disappointed by the latest SimCity, DarkSpore or Spore, then chances are you won't be too bothered by the news that EA Games is shutting down Maxis Emeryville, the developer that brought us all of those over the past few years. However even though the …

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EA is no longer America’s worst company

One visit to the KitGuru Facebook page will tell you two things: these guys are good at caption competitions and that they hate EA. KitGuru readers aren't the only ones either, as EA didn't win Worst Company in America award two years in a row for nothing, but that streak …

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Here’s what next-gen golf looks like

With the upcoming next-gen release of both Microsoft and Sony's systems, a lot of focus has been on native resolutions, frame rates and detailing – but all in fast paced, highly explosive shooters like Call of Duty: Ghosts. Surely the real beauty will be found on slower titles with less …

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Humble Origin Bundle breaks $5 million

Update: And now it's broken $5.1 million, making this officially the highest earning Humble Bundle ever. Original Story: In what is by far the fastest selling Humble Bundle to date, the latest one, partnered with EA Games, has broken the $5 million mark which makes it just a few thousand …

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EA goes Humble with a new bundle

EA Games might not be everyone's favourite company, but it's trying to turn that image around. No not with some big new advertising campaign, but by writing a cheque to charity, using its games to fund it. Teaming up with the guys at Humble Bundle, EA is offering a  huge …

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EA Games riles up India with hiked game pricing

See, it's not just the internet that hates EA Games, India does too. Thanks to a new move by the publishing giant that saw some newly launched PC games costing double the price of the previous generation, many Indians have been using social networks to complain; often using the #EAPCIndia …

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EA Games is ditching online passes

Thank god. EA Games has announced that due to its player base not really taking it up on the offer of paying for games' multiplayer content, after they bought the game second hand or borrowed it from a friend, that it was dropping the much hated Online Pass system. “We're …

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EA Partners shutting down

Anonymous sources close to EA Partners, the publishing arm of EA Games that worked with external developers including Valve, for the likes of Orange Box, Portal 2 and a host of other companies, are hinting at its impending closure, following on from a rough financial year and trouble with several …

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EA adding Twitch streaming to Origin

Origin Broadcast

In an update that is due for release next week, EA has announced that it will be adding Twitch streaming to its Origin games platform, allowing players to easily share their in-game footage live, with viewers around the world. Apparently it'll be a relatively simply thing to activate too. All …

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THQ appoints ex EA boss

THQ Logo

THQ has announced a new vice president of production, Rob Moravek, who previously headed up EA Canada. Working directly with current THQ president, Jason Rubin, the pair are set to try and turn around the poor fortunes of the publisher, that has over the last 12 months met with many …

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