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Here’s what next-gen golf looks like

With the upcoming next-gen release of both Microsoft and Sony's systems, a lot of focus has been on native resolutions, frame rates and detailing – but all in fast paced, highly explosive shooters like Call of Duty: Ghosts. Surely the real beauty will be found on slower titles with less destructible environments? One need only look at the upcoming next-gen golf game from EA to see what this new hardware is capable of.

GTA V might have done golf justice with its own built-in game mode, but did it look this pretty?


Not being a big golf game player, I'm not sure if the bottom screenshot is indicative of the whole scene, but if so, I can't help but feel the next-gen shot wouldn't look quite as good if it wasn't being compared to something that drab looking.

Along with a comparison screen shot between current and next-gen versions of the game, EA also announced its split with long-time namesake, Tiger Woods, meaning that the next-game won't feature the star's name as a selling point. This doesn't mean an end to EA's partnership with the PGA tour though, it will still be affiliated with the organisation, but whether it'll pick up a new front-man remains to be seen.

No word on the game's release schedule or official name, but we're told EA will “have more news soon.”

KitGuru Says: Any golf fans who'll be picking this up on the next-gen? I still play PGA Tour III on the Megadrive with my mum. She loved that game back in the day.

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