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EA adding Twitch streaming to Origin

In an update that is due for release next week, EA has announced that it will be adding Twitch streaming to its Origin games platform, allowing players to easily share their in-game footage live, with viewers around the world.

Apparently it'll be a relatively simply thing to activate too. All you need do is pull up the Origin menu in-game by pressing Shift and F1 and then click on the little camera icon that appears at the bottom of the screen. From there you'll need to either create a Twitch account or login to your existing one, at which point you'll be given a few options to play with. These include microphone and game volume – with mute options for both – and a start/stop broadcast button.

Origin Broadcast
There's a few adjustments you can make to customise the viewing experience

While you're streaming, your footage will be viewable by anyone at Twitch.tv/[YourTwitchName] but in-case you forget, a little broadcast indicator will appear on the top of your screen to tell you how many people are watching. It can however be disabled if you find it distracting.

However if this is all a bit simple and you want to fine tune the streaming experience for your viewers, you'll be able to do so through the Origin Broadcast tab. From there you can change resolution, frame rate and even set it up so that as soon as you start playing you go live, forgoing any form of activation.

KitGuru Says: Just remember guys, unless you deliberately turn it down or off, your microphone will be audible too. All those horrific, sexist remarks you make will be broadcast for the world to hear.

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