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Google logo celebrates Bram Stoker

As well as having a decidedly manly name, Bram Stoker was the figure behind the original Dracula novel and today, Google celebrates that fact with its Stoker inspired logo. 8th November 2012 is an apt date to do so as well, since it not only marks 165 years to the day that he was born, but this year sees a century since the man's death.

The Google logo uses the same typeface seen in the first edition of Dracula, originally published in 1897. While it was not the first novel to be written on the subject of vampirism, it has become the most famous, inspiring movie adaptations in its own right. Perhaps the most lingering influence however, was from the creation of the novel's titular character.

Google Dracula

The original manuscript from the book was thought lost for many decades, until being found in a farmhouse in the 1980s. On its front page was the word “Un-Dead,” which was part of the book's original title “The Dead Un-Dead.”

However Stoker's achievements went beyond the famed vampire. He was a businessman, actor's assistant and author of 18 other books and short stories.

KitGuru Says: Happy birthday Mr Stoker. May your characters continue to haunt dreams and provide Mr Reeves with a chance to do a horrible British accent.

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