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EA maintaining region blocks after sanctions lift


EA Games made the somewhat surprising move in September, to begin complying with United States trade sanctions, whereby it stopped offering its Origin service and exclusive games in affected regions. What’s even more surprising though, is that when those sanctions are lifted, it doesn’t remove the blocks. This is most …

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Origin is getting a major UI overhaul


While Origin may not have been a welcome download for many back when it first launched, EA has improved the service significantly over time and now, the only thing really holding it back is the design, which has remained the same since launch. However, change is coming and right now, …

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EA wants to regain the trust of PC gamers

Plenty of PC gamers out there have had their issues with EA. The publisher has come out with unfinished games, implemented microtransactions into single player content and in some cases, just treated the PC platform as secondary to consoles. However, EA has made a bit of a turn around since …

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EA is giving away Jade Empire on Origin

One of Bioware’s lesser known RPGs, Jade Empire, is currently free on Origin for PC players. The kung-fu based game launched back in 2005 on the original Xbox and was Bioware’s next game following on from the much-loved Knights of the Old Republic. The game is being given away as …

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Origin unveils Omega high-performance HTPCs

Origin PC, a leading maker of high-performance personal computers for gamers, has announced its new line of its high-end systems. The new Omega home theater PC systems are designed for the living rooms and are projected to wed extreme performance with compact sizes and AV equipment design. Origin Omega personal …

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Theme Hospital is now free on Origin

Chances are if you ever played the PC strategy, management classic, Theme Hospital when it was first released back in 1997, then you already re-purchased it sometime in the past few years on GoG. Still, if you haven’t or you simply weren’t aware of its existence before now, the seminal …

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Highly anticipated Ubisoft games return to Steam

Ubisoft and Valve Software have returned three of Ubisoft’s soon-to-be bestsellers to Steam online store on Saturday after they were removed from the system on Thursday and Friday. Neither Ubisoft, nor Valve have made any official statements on the matter. Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, and The Crew – the titles …

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92 percent of PC game sales are digital

It turns out that digital downloads made up 92 per cent of all PC game sales worldwide in 2013, according to a new analyst report. In addition, that figure is supposed to grow over the next few years. The figures were obtained by Analyst, DFC Intelligence, which points out that these statistics …

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EA kicks off Titanfall free weekend

EA has done a lot to improve its Origin service recently, for a start it offers you a free game every month and now the company is kicking off “Game Time”, Origin’s free weekend scheme. For the next 48 hours, PC gamers will be able to play Titanfall for free, …

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Titanfall Xbox 360 delayed again

If you’re stuck with an Xbox 360 for your main gaming device and you were looking forward to Titanfall, then you’re going to be waiting a while as the game has been delayed again for the last generation console. The game, which was originally pushed back to the 28th of …

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Humble Origin Bundle breaks $5 million

Update: And now it’s broken $5.1 million, making this officially the highest earning Humble Bundle ever. Original Story: In what is by far the fastest selling Humble Bundle to date, the latest one, partnered with EA Games, has broken the $5 million mark which makes it just a few thousand …

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EA goes Humble with a new bundle

EA Games might not be everyone’s favourite company, but it’s trying to turn that image around. No not with some big new advertising campaign, but by writing a cheque to charity, using its games to fund it. Teaming up with the guys at Humble Bundle, EA is offering a  huge …

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EA’s Origin has over 50 million users

Despite a seemingly general feeling of distaste for EA’s Origin service in the gaming community, with the fact that it’s not just part of Steam and requires its own login, the security issues and of course the connectivity problems seen in titles like Sim City, EA has just announced in …

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EA Games riles up India with hiked game pricing

See, it’s not just the internet that hates EA Games, India does too. Thanks to a new move by the publishing giant that saw some newly launched PC games costing double the price of the previous generation, many Indians have been using social networks to complain; often using the #EAPCIndia …

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EA adding Twitch streaming to Origin

Origin Broadcast

In an update that is due for release next week, EA has announced that it will be adding Twitch streaming to its Origin games platform, allowing players to easily share their in-game footage live, with viewers around the world. Apparently it’ll be a relatively simply thing to activate too. All …

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