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EA is giving away the Battlefront season pass on Origin right now

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is just a couple of months away but if you are in need of some Star Wars action ahead of time, then EA appears to be happy to oblige. Right now, the season pass for 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront is now free on Origin, giving you access to all of the DLC the game has to offer.

EA has been distancing itself from the Season Pass model a bit (with the exception of Battlefield). Titanfall 2 featured free DLC updates rather than a season pass and this same model will be applied to Battlefront 2. Battlefront I on the other hand did have a season pass and it actually contains some of the best content the game has to offer.

Battlefront’s DLC includes maps for Bespin and Sullust, Jabba The Hutt’s palace, the Death Star and another battle themed after Rogue One. If you have Battlefront on PC, you can head to Origin’s ‘On the House’ section and add the season pass to your account free of charge.

KitGuru Says: Battlefront didn’t keep my attention for long, though I must admit, some of the DLC did look fun. I wouldn’t mind hopping back in to see the Death Star now that it’s free. Did any of you play Battlefront back when it came out? Did you keep up with the DLCs at all? 

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