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Apple could make its iAd service free for mobile publishers

Six years ago, Steve Jobs announced the iAd service designed to allow mobile publishers to serve up unobtrusive advertisements on iOS. However, due to Apple’s standard 30 percent cut on anything sold via the iOS platform, prices were quite high and the service never really took off, which means that …

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Facebook expands Internet.org to all developers amid concerns

Although the Facebook backed project, Internet.org, was initially slated as a method for those in under-developed technological areas to access ‘the internet,’ it drew a lot of criticism for limiting those people’s access to certain websites. This prompted many people to suggest that Facebook was hampering the push for net …

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Microsoft considered giving the original Xbox away for free

It turns out that Microsoft’s original Xbox console could have been a very different machine. At one point before launch, the company considered making it free in order to undercut Nintendo and capture the casual gaming market, according to Oddworld creator, Lorne Lanning. Speaking in an interview with GamgesIndustry.biz, , …

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