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Win a PC game of your choice this weekend!

We are back this week with another game giveaway over on the KitGuru Discord channel! The rules are simple, post your favourite gaming screenshot and win a free game of your choice! 

To enter, all you need to do is head over to our Discord server, HERE. From there, head to the comps-and-giveaways text chat, double check the rules pinned at the top and place your entry. For this particular run of game giveaways, we want to see your favourite video game screenshots!


We'll be picking a winner randomly on Sunday, we'll then announce the winner and message them to gift the game over.

While in the past we have limited our game giveaways to Steam, we are opening it up. So if you want a game that you can only get on Origin or uPlay, we'll get it to you. The only exception right now is the Epic Games Store, as there is no ‘gifting' feature in place yet.

There can only be one game per winner and the prize is limited to digital base editions- so no ultimate/gold/deluxe or physical editions.

KitGuru Says: Good luck to everyone entering! For our readers that prefer Facebook, we'll have a second game giveaway going live for you tomorrow. 

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