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EA will give you a free month of Origin Access for activating two-factor authentication

EA draws in a lot of deserved criticism over questionable business decisions but this week, the publisher is doing something genuinely consumer-friendly. In an effort to get more Origin users to secure their accounts, EA is offering one month of Origin Access for free to those who activate two-factor authentication.

A lot of gaming services and websites use 2FA nowadays. It is a good extra layer of security to have as it informs you of an attempted account log-in and requires a unique one-time code to authorise it, The process can seem like a chore at times but it is worth it. A lot of companies have had major security holes over the years, leading to huge amounts of user data being leaked. With 2FA switched on, if your login details are ever obtained by someone else, they won’t be able to get in without your unique authorisation code.

To activate two-factor authentication, you will need to log in to your EA account, go to the security settings and activate the ‘login verification’ option. You can then choose to have verification codes sent to your email address or to your phone as a text message or voicemail.

If you are already on top of your security, then you may already have a dedicated app for set up for two-factor authentication. There is an option to add your own Authentication app to the account, so you can also set things up that way and avoid potential issues with codes not being sent to you fast enough, as it will be generated on your own device via a different app.

If you sort all of that out before the end of October, then you will get a free month of Origin Access Basic, which currently houses most of the highlights from EA’s back catalogue in addition to a few more recent games like Anthem. If you already subscribe to the service, then you won’t be charged in November.

KitGuru Says: It is hard to knock a company for encouraging better security practises and even offering an incentive. Although, I am sure a few conspiracy theories will pop up anyway. How many of you use two-factor authentication regularly on your accounts? Will you be setting it up for Origin?

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