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Paypal ignores two factor authentication bypass bug

Back in June, security researcher, Joshua Rogers,  discovered a bug in Paypal's two factor authentication system, allowing it to be completely bypassed by logging in through a ‘special' page. Despite Rogers reporting the bypass several times, the company has yet to patch it up or even acknowledge the problem and as a …

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Steam phishing scheme can bypass two factor authentication

Steam accounts are under attack from a new phishing scam that tricks users in to downloading malicious software that bypasses Valve's Steam Guard system, according to Malwarebytes Unpacked. Valve launched Steam Guard in 2011 and has since made it mandatory for all Steam trades. Steam Guard works by placing an SSFN …

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See which companies take your online security seriously

In today's technological climate, most of us know not to use simplistic passwords for our computer, mobile or sites we visit, but no matter how many backslashes, capitals and numbers you put into it, there's always a chance that someone will figure out a way around it, which is often …

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