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Humble Origin Bundle breaks $5 million

Update: And now it’s broken $5.1 million, making this officially the highest earning Humble Bundle ever.

Original Story: In what is by far the fastest selling Humble Bundle to date, the latest one, partnered with EA Games, has broken the $5 million mark which makes it just a few thousand dollars short of the current record holding Humble Indie Bundle V.

The impressive part about this whole thing though, is the speed with which it’s happened. While the current record holder and the Humble THQ Bundle (which made $5.09 million) managed such lofty totals by the end of their campaign, EA’s Origin bundle has managed to almost equal them in under two days.


As it stands, over a million people have purchased the bundle, with the average purchase price creeping up a few cents over yesterday’s reports. There’s been no big contributions from Notch or the now fondly remembered, Humble Brony Bundle, but there have been some very generous donations coming in from a select few, dropping more than a thousand bucks a piece.

And the best part is all of this money is going to charity. EA is taking none of it, despite putting up a big portion of its games for sale. There’s Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Mirror’s Edge, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3.

KitGuru Says: A cynical person might suggest this is EA’s way to get a bigger Origin install base and to make itself seem less unlikeable, but really even if the second is true, I’d much rather companies did stuff like this than spend millions on big advertising campaigns. Generosity goes a lot further than exposure in enamouring me with a company. 

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