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Adobe patches Flash yet again after new security flaw emerges

This is becoming a very common occurrence. Today, Adobe has issued a new patch for Flash and is urging users to update their version of the software as yet another security flaw has been discovered. The patch fixes “critical vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of an affected system”.

This update is a top priority for users on Mac OSX, Windows, Android, iOS and ChromeOS. There were apparently 23 different vulnerabilities in Flash which have now been fixed with this patch.


This is just the latest in security patches for Adobe Flash, which seems to need constant updates to plug flaws in the software. These constant issues have caused many companies to move away from Flash entirely as well, with giants like Google and Facebook believing that Flash will be completely obsolete in the not too distant future.

KitGuru Says: Adobe seems to be patching up Flash security issues on a very regular basis right now, which may lead to more companies dropping support for it in the future. 

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